About these workshops

These workshops are held several times a year at Steven Strong’s property in the Rainforest of Tuckombil, 30 minutes away from Byron Bay.

These workshops consist of a 3 hour lecture during which participants will be given an opportunity to sit within a curated formation of these Sacred Rocks. Nearly all participants experience a strong healing or spiritual experience during their 10 minute time with these rocks.

Survey results from participants 10 minute experience with the Rocks.

Steven has created a scientific survey to record the effects on participants of their time within the Sacred Rock Formation.

Steven discusses the results from this survey in this video from July 2022;

Steven’s promise to bring these rocks to Ramindjeri Country and a new Cultural Centre.

Steven made a promise to Uncle Karno Walker before he passed to bring these rocks to Ramindjeri land at Victor Harbour, South Australia, and place them in a yet to be built Ramindjeri Cultural Centre.

Please make a donation to help us build this Cultural Centre.

Please keep an eye on this page for any Sacred Rocks Workshops that may be run in the future.