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This page is dedicated to the memory of Karno Walkers ancestor Arthur Walker who gave his life in the line of duty while serving his country during World War One, and to all other Original Warriors who have fought for country.

Executive committee member Nick Leidig is a direct descendant (great grandson) of Private Arthur Walker, and our other committee members Unbulara, and Darren MacElroy are also descendants.

Chief of Army accepts Ramindjeri Kangaroo Warrior cloak and presents Uncle Karno Walker with Medals honouring Pte Arthur Walker’s WW1 service.

On August 1 2014 at Kent Reserve, Victor Harbor, the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO, received a Ramindjeri Warrior Kangaroo skin cloak from Uncle Karno Walker.

Uncle Karno Walker in turn received a memorial plague containing an image and medals honouring the service of Private Arthur Walker for his service during World War One.

Below is a quote taken from Australia’s Dept of Defence website.

The Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO, was today presented with a traditional kangaroo skin Warrior’s Cloak by the Ramindjeri People of Kangaroo Island.

Mr Karno Walker, whose ancestor Private Arthur Walker served in World War I, presented the cloak in recognition of the Indigenous men and women who have served with distinction throughout Australia’s military history.

Lieutenant General Morrison thanked the Ramindjeri People and highlighted the contribution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women have made to Australia’s military history.

“I am humbled to receive this gift today and to proudly acknowledge the military service of Indigenous men and women throughout Australia’s history,” Lieutenant General Morrison said.

“Your ancestor, Private Walker, served alongside non Indigenous Australians during the First World War. His motivation to serve their nation came from a love of country, a love for their people and a willingness to protect these no matter the cost.

“Just like the original Anzacs, Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians continue to serve alongside each other today, motivated by the same love of country and family.”

The Australian Army currently has more than 700 Indigenous members serving throughout Australia and on operations overseas.

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First Nations Roll of Honour & Nominal Roll

An Online Memorial listing Original Warriors who’ve served.

Welcome to the Warrior Spirit Honour Roll. This is where we honour the First Nations Warriors who fought alongside their fellow countrymen.

These First Nations warriors fought for and alongside their fellow Australians regardless of their colour or personal beliefs.

We would like to thank the Department of Defence for taking some very big steps in recent years to recognise our First Nations Warriors beginning with the Gallipoli Ceremony held in 2015 to help their spirits return to country. The DOD did this in close consultation with elders and their communities.

Uncle Karno Walker was one of the living elders the DOD consulted with regarding this, and the language of his people, the Ramindjeri. Was one of the 2 languages spoken at this ceremony. His close friend, Warrant Officer Class One Uncle Colin Watego spoke in the Ramindjeri language at this event.

Uncle Karno Walker has since passed on and his surviving wife Christine Walker and other relatives of Karno wish pay their own respects to these warriors with this online memorial.

We would like to make this First Nations Honour Roll open to all First Nations soldiers who have fought for Australia, in addition to Ramindjeri, as far as our resources of time and money will allow.

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