Uncle Karno’s Wife, Christine Walker, in her own words.

Whilst Karno didn’t really class himself as a leader, he was very aware others did. His way of life was I guess in a leadership role, in the way of always expecting truth, honesty, integrity and above all respect for your fellow man.

He had standards that he kept whether that was in the role of security, or martial arts teachings, or everyday life, and he expected all the above in return.

He was there for family and friends alike. Not just a great leader but a person you could go to in times when in need of a sympathetic ear or to help you solve a problem. Everything rolled into one, which made him a great leader, someone who you could depend upon and look up to.

His teachings were of culture, language, stories of learning, Dreaming and land (ruwe). He passed on his teachings from childhood to adulthood, everything and some more. He was in his glory teaching and storytelling, whether it was around the fire or the kitchen table, he oozed of confidence and felt that we should all know our cultural history no matter where you come from. A very proud Ramindjeri man.

Karno never ever looked at himself as an Elder or Loreman, but knew he made a difference in a lot of the young fellows lives. He said you don’t have to be the eldest nor the youngest to be an Elder. He was the chosen one and he held that role in high regard, with honour.

Karno’s vision is hard to explain, and he followed his MIWI (gut feeling) most of the time. Whether that was about people or just about something about to happen.

Karno also was on a mission for the Ramindjeri people to have the right to speak on and for their own country and for the Ramindjeri to be recognized as true custodians of their country, that was his main reason for going to Native Title Court.

He envisioned a Ramindjeri Cultural Centre and drew plans of it on paper, for his people to have somewhere of their own to display their crafts, artifacts and history.

There are two elemental essential truths he repeated often, “Spirit knows no colour” and “as above so below.” Karno treated everyone the same, his reason for doing security was because he wanted to be there for his people to help break down barriers and stop so many being arrested for nothing, which did happen a lot, I have seen this happen myself.

Ramindjeri people were well known as “Peacemakers and Law Enforcers” and Karno getting together a security team made him satisfied he was still carrying that tradition on.

One of Karno’s greatest visions is “Wirritjin Peggera:lin” (Blackfella /Whitefella working and dreaming together as one) he/we lived it every day. He taught it in his Ramindjeri Martial Arts lessons, and practiced it whilst we were working security. It was and still is an ongoing practice that saturated everything he said and did.

He touched many lives with his work and many have embraced and still continue on with his vision for the future of WIrritjin Peggera:lin.

It was Karno’s wish that those who knew him, and those that are only just now coming to know him, embrace and practice Wirritjin Peggera:lin too.

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