This page is dedicated to showing some of the Articles and Stories written about Uncle Karno in the mainstream and alternative media.

Article 1 of 6 – In this article for Wake Up World, Steven and Even Strong discuss their time visiting, and working with Uncle Karno on Kangaroo Island. This was a special time since two new volunteers arrived to help, world renowned archaeologist and documentary film maker, Graham Hancock and his wife Santha Faiia.

Exploring Karta – the Gateway to the Heavens

Article 2 of 6 – This article by Wirritjin Peggera:lin committee member Louise Clarke for the magazine Supernal talks more about the dream of Uncle Karno, Wirritjin Peggera:lin

Article 3 of 6 – This beautiful article by Steven and Evan Strong weaves their archaeological research into the genesis of humanity, and how Uncle Karno and the culture of the Ramindjeri people informed their groundbreaking work.

From the Beginning with Karno Walker (Ramindjeri Spokesperson)

Article 4 of 6 – Native American Hans Tammemagi, one of Canada’s best known Travel Writers writes this amazing story discussing his meeting with Uncle Karno and the beautiful cultural knowledge Karno shared. 

My Walk with Walker

A Canadian Native American Writer discusses his time on Kangaroo Island with Karno Walker

Article 5 of 6 – This Article contains eye witness accounts of Uncle Karno Walkers arrest at South Australia’s Parliament House

Original Elders Call to Action

Article 6 of 6 – This SBS News Article goes into a bit more detail about the Parliamentary session held to recognise Aboriginal South Australians in the constitution which Uncle Karno was arrested at