In 1990 the idea of an Aboriginal Provisional Government was floated at the Federation of Land Councils meeting at JaJa in the Northern Territory. The main thrust of the Aboriginal Provisional Government would be to provision a movement from aboriginal people being governed by white people to being able to fully determine their own affairs under their own, Aboriginal run, government.

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The Aboriginal Provisional Government was created on the 16th of July 1990 with Michael Mansell, Bob Weatherall, Josie Crawshaw, Geoff Clark, Clarrie Isaacs, Robbie Thorpe, Kathy Craigie, and Lyall Munro Jnr as the original founding members of the APG.

Uncle Karno Walker was proud to be the South Australian Delegate for The Aboriginal Provisional Government and to call Michael Mansell a close friend.

Uncle Karno Walker, as South Australia’s delegate, also used his Aboriginal Provisional Government passport for the first time when he and Michael travelled to Europe to repatriate Aboriginal remains back to their original communities.

A Victory for the Aboriginal Community today as sacred Aboriginal Remains are brought back fro England by Michael Mansell and Karno Walker.Alan Campbell congratulates, Karno Walker and Michael Mansell gives victory wave as they arrive with Remains at Sydney Airport. June 20, 1990. (Photo by Alexander James Towle/Fairfax Media).