According to Frederic Slater, who was the President of the Australian Archaeological Society, the 184 Standing Stones site is not only the “oldest temple in the world,” it came from a very ancient time which he felt was when “civilisation” was at its peak.

When I finally got permission from the owner of the site to conduct two days of archaeology, the first Elder I invited was Ramindjeri Elder, Karno Walker. From our perspective if Karno could not attend there was no point looking. Granted there were ten Original Elders on the first day on site, but Karno was the supreme authority when it comes to all things relating to ancient times, spiritual and mystical issues and Old Way Lore. Without someone of that esoteric stature as our principal guide, any investigation would be superficial at best.

What follows this very brief introduction is a series of links to articles written about this site that has been called Australia’s Stonehenge. We feel that title falls well short of the mark on so many levels, the engraved script on the rocks is sourced from the First Language which was global in spread and divine in content, the narrative is heavily laced in terms like “came to Earth” and clearly has a strong Alien presence, and the technology needed in repositioning rocks weighing many tonnes up a severe slope is beyond the capacity of every stone, bone and stick technology.

But what does extend past all of the magnificent stone constructions was the first ceremony Karno conducted on the mound, what happened there was beyond belief, but utterly real. Karno climbed up onto the mound then took out his clapsticks and began to sing. It was the ancient First Language, which Slater called “Soul Language.” It was indeed a sacred tongue and was heard by eight hawks who responded in kind and formed a figure-eight formation circling directly above him. The song he sung they not only heard but became the feathered choir. By any standard or measure
that was a miracle which was witnessed by many and questioned by none. Karno’s song was request for permission to enter country and do respectful archaeology, which the Spirits via the hawks then gave.

We will provide a series of links to three articles written about the site, but we do suggest beginning by reading the report of Karno on the mound and all the details that followed. These articles, plus many others, substantiate one seminal truth, that site is extremely sacred and Karno made sure that what laid within and above was back on country and ready to go.

What Karno has spoken about in the video below is completely endorsed by the Wirritjin Peggera:lin committee.

The rest of the video’s content does however contain content that contains issues in regards to it’s accuracy and is not endorsed by the committee.